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Our community is our backbone so we give back by donating some of our time, services and profits. Light Up Camden, Camden Chamber Of Commerce, Youth Solutions, SWS Association & Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation are associations we donate to. We take on 4-5 work-experience students every year. By educating students about our industry, we hope to secure the future for both the photographic industry and the standards Marions Photographics adhere to. This year alone, we donated over 230hrs to helping our community.
We are concerned about how our business impacts the environment so we recycle/reuse over 60% of our waste annually. Packaging boxes are reused/recycled. Printing on both sides of copy paper. Packaging such as bubble wrap, cardboard/paper, foam beads or photographic bags are reused for future shipping. Recycled cardboard/paper replaces post-it notes. Replacing plastic bags with eco-friendly bags Invoices/information for customers is sent via email. We also changed internal procedures to minimise paper by utilising computers. All our lights/equipment are on timers and air-conditioners are temperature set (23C)
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Light Up Camden
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Camden Civic Centre
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Marions Photographics has been a finalist & won multiple awards for its excellence in both business strategies & staff management.

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