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We believe that the experience you have at Marions Photographics, from the very first appointment to the very last is just as thrilling as the experience you have on your wedding day. Choosing your style of photography, album colours, designing your album and picking up the final product is all part of our wonderful service we maintain for each and every client. We use non-obtrusive photographic techniques. Our photo sessions are relaxed, enjoyable and are suited to your personal tastes. No wasting precious time doing shots you don’t particularly want! Present your wedding memories in our one of our unique wedding albums or books. All are professionally hand-crafted to suit each and every client. No two albums or books are ever the same. Please see our products page for more information.

Wedding Gallery

Marions Photographics offers affordable and high quality photography for your wedding or event.

With over 35 years of experience in the wedding industry, we know that if you look good, we look good! When looking for a photographer, it goes beyond what you can see. It is about the relationship you create and build with your photographer and their experience and knowledge that you grow to trust. It is more than just knowing if they can click a button. It is about the journey you take from your first appointment to the time that you collect your stunning images and beyond.

Family Gallery

Marions Photographics offering families affordable and high quality photography.

We create a fun, personalised photography experience that’s relaxed and easy. We help you express your sense of family it's about the moments that are captured in between; your father's first tear, your mother's first smile, your very first kiss as husband and wife. All these memories cannot be repeated which is why we invest our time into knowing every detail of your day.

Corporate Gallery

Marions Photographics offers top quality photography services for your convention, tradeshow or corporate event.

Corporate image, presentations and public relations are a central part of corporate companies of all sizes. Our team of photographers understand this and will ensure they capture the right corporate image, social event or corporate function. Our photographers provide the highest level of technical expertise combined with artistic creativity so you receive photographs that are visually stunning.

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